[China Glaze] Red-y to Rave

This is one of my favourite neons, definitely! So bright and just gorgeous: Red-y to Rave is a neon orange red.

Red-y to Rave_zps40idarx5

Two coats applied. It’s actually less orange and more red than in most of my photos; the last two pictures, taken with my phone, are pretty close to the actual colour of Red-y to Rave.

red-y to rave1_zpsn68kzsmu

red-y to rave2_zpswemucrkp

red-y to rave3_zps9nseqfq6

red-y to rave4_zpsbn4rlw1a

red-y to rave5_zpskditpblp

As mentioned, I took the following photos with my phone to show how bright this colour really is.

red-y to rave6_zpsr9fes1wz

red-y to rave7_zpsv5rk7e3w


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