[OPI] Lost My Bikini In Molokini

Hello again, I took some days off or was (more or less) forced to do so. Some issues occurred regarding an ebay seller who was threatening us severely, after I gave negative feedback (which was totally justified in his case). He is from the same town and had already turned up at our place all at once (gladly nobody was at home). Well, he called, announcing bodily harm if the feedback was not removed “within the next hour”, and I took this very, very serious, getting my daughter from school immediately, going to the police and so on. In the end, the State Official of Criminal Investigation is investigating the case. I also informed ebay, giving full details – resulting in my account being suspended (and thus the negative feedback removed automatically): The seller just told them I would operate with two different accounts, which is not true but somehow they believed him without giving me the opportunity to clarify the issue. Since I found out that ebay staff generally uses aliases when communicating with members, this makes things even more difficult.

In the end, it is just ebay, and it is ony feedback … no idea why it means so much to this particular seller. But freaking out, turning up and threatening someone in order to have this feedback removed (and issues with the seller had been going on since January) is definitely neither mature nor an appropiate action to get one’s way.

It is a bit tricky – but distraction – switching to the actual theme, which is nail varnishes … Today it is the purple crème of the Hawaii collection, Lost My Bikini In Molokini. Again, great name and again the mini version.

lost my bikini in molokini_zpscnkstajn

Two coats applied.







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