[Dior] Glory (660)

I’m back from Fantasy Filmfest Nights and had an amazing time, watching ten more or less substantially different movies, ranging from crime to science-fiction, horror and, of course, fantasy. It was my father whom I got this taste for arthouse and independent films from, and he would have loved the festivals I’m going to. My parents used to go to the movies quite a lot, so I am keeping up with this kind of family tradition. 🙂

Today’s nail varnish is Glory, a watermelon red with a tad of coral and from Dior’s current spring collection.


As with most Dior polishes, this was fine with two coats.

glory660 1_zpsylpdhvzx

glory660 2_zpswc6ci5ay

glory660 3_zpsfhexdnaw

I took these photos a bit later, under different daylight.

glory660 4_zps617t5xst

glory660 5_zpssoaptbr8

My favourite pictures of Glory; somehow the colour matches Bäri’s heart. 🐻

glory660 6_zpschtxwpnn

glory660 7_zpspz3qgcsm

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