[China Glaze] Tongue & Chic

I’ve been quite lazy recently … or busy, looking forward to Fantasy Filmfest Nights taking place in Hamburg next Saturday/Sunday. Moreover, it is Hamburger Stummfilmtage currently, dedicated to silent films and in particular Austrian screenplay writer Carl Mayer. So lots of stuff to discover, and I will spend tomorrow afternoon with my daughter to watch the latest Cinderella movie. 🙂

As for Tongue & Chic, this pretty teal shimmer made its way from Elena‘s place to my stash. I am still fond of China Glaze nail varnishes, they have a great variety of extraordinary shades. Although I do not collect them seriously (compared to Chanel and Dior), I am always happy adding new colours to my stash.

tongue et chic_zpsxcdc5am6

Shown below are two coats of Tongue & Chic.

tongue chic1_zpsabvmslcv

tongue chic2_zpsyocsflst

tongue chic3_zpsjnym6r3a

tongue chic4_zps1cyhevqq

tongue chic5_zpsmimdbonn

Close-up view.

tongue chic a_zpsoxwpvzn3


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