[A England] Queen of Scots

Queen of Scots. I had this on my nails at the beginning of this week when I was in the mood for a darker colour. Queen of Scots is da dark blue with a shimmer finish.


Shown below is two coats. To be honest, application was somewhat tricky, although I don’t really know why. Probably the formula was a bit too thick-ish and I struggled a bit, i.e. I had to clean up more thoroughly. Nevertheless I liked the result, but Blue Satin and Phallic remain my favourite dark blues.

queen of scots1_zpswi6nas0r

queen of scots2_zpsaodc5aba

queen of scots3_zpsx7vsmykm

queen of scots4_zpsqsqzdjb1

Close-up view.

queen of scots m_zpszfeuq46e


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