[Yves Saint Laurent] Bleu Galuchat (52)

So – Bleu Galuchat. This is a dark blue with a hint of teal, also containing glitter particles.


And having a leather effect finish (which you won’t notice from looking at the bottle though).


Honest opinion – although I (still) like most sand finish polishes and all of my YSL nail varnishes, I wasn’t really convinced by Bleu Galuchat. Maybe because the glitter can rarely be noticed after application; I had hoped for Bleu Galuchat being more sparkly. For the first time, regarding sand finishes, I also tried a topcoat, but it looks quite disastrous. :mrgreen: In the end, I grabbed the nail polish remover and did another mani … 🙄 Nevertheless, Bleu Galuchat deserves a second chance (I really like this colour) sometime.




Close-up view.



One thought on “[Yves Saint Laurent] Bleu Galuchat (52)

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