[China Glaze] Party Hearty

Here is one of my manis I did right before Christmas Eve. Party Hearty had been in my stash for a while; I purchased it in 2010, shortly after its release. I also remember that I tried a couple layerings with it, such as over Chanel Black Satin and some golden colour.


In the end, it took me four years to find out how beautiful Party Hearty is over Calvin Klein Emerald Green (with natural and artificial light). :mrgreen: There are two different styles – one coat of Emerald Green and two coats of Party Hearty (as well as natural light):






This is two coats of Emerald Green and one coat of Party Hearty.



Macro view; on the left, the first version (which was actually the second mani), i. e. two coats of Party Hearty, on the right, only one coat of Party Hearty.

partyheartymacro-a_zpsb8e80ff0 partyheartymacro-c_zps392f9d0e

I prefer two coats of Party Hearty. At this time of the year, I like my nails sparkly – and combined with Emerald Green (or any other green shade probably), it looks a bit like a Christmas tree. 😉


3 thoughts on “[China Glaze] Party Hearty

    • Das hatte ich tatsächlich auch mal vor, aber überlegte es mir dann kurzfristig doch anders (warum auch immer). :mrgreen: Ich bin sicher, dass er solo auch toll ausgesehen hat!
      Hoffe, Du hattest ein schönes Weihnachten.
      Viele liebe Grüße


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