[Chanel] Intention (633)

Don’t really know what to think of intention, not only because I’m not that much into neutrals in general. Moreover, the colour of Intention is hard to describe; its base is beige but with a proportion of (salmon) pink, combined with shimmer. At first, I thought of Essence Cookie Love, which is, however, more caramel and darker with a stronger shimmer.


This was a bit hard to find, nevertheless, I ended up with two bottles from two different sellers. :mrgreen:


Being curious how Intention would go with my olive-based skin tone, I applied it the next day – and, as mentioned, above, I’m not sure. It is pretty in the bottle and in the end, I thought it would look worse on my nails. :mrgreen: But since my bottles are from Hongkong – meaning that this colour is being sold in Asia -, Chanel probably thought that Intention might look nice with Asian skin tones … maybe.





Artifical light. I am considering doing my mother’s nails with Intention?! She’s the blonde and rosy skin person (not my birth mother but my real mother!)).




Close-up view. I like the shimmer, although it is not visible on the nail, only under direct lighting.

intention intention


One thought on “[Chanel] Intention (633)

  1. Since I am blonde hair, blue eyed Irish I would be interested to see how Intention works with your mom’s skin. These neutrals can be hard to know until you actually paint your nails, I have way more that don’t work than do! Xo

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