[Christian Louboutin] Rouge Louboutin

That’s a bottle design – Rouge Louboutin is an iconic red. Of course, I have many reds, but I thought I might opt for this one because of its extraordinary bottle. The tip of the cap is really pointy! 😉

rouge louboutin

Pigmentation is awesome, Rouge Louboutin is opaque with only one coat. For the photos, however, I applied a second coat.

rouge louboutin

rouge louboutin

rouge louboutin

rouge louboutin

rouge louboutin

rouge louboutin


2 thoughts on “[Christian Louboutin] Rouge Louboutin

  1. I’ve often wondered what red polish he accidently used to make his “mark”, since we know it wasn’t this one. Was it a CHANEL, Dior, or ????

    And, yes, that is some bottle design! The color is gorgeous on your nails. How many ounces are in the bottle? It looks bigger than I thought it would.

    Thanks again for sharing with us. I have been looking at this and it is getting harder and harder to say no to! Ha!


    • I heard different stories, e.g. Chanel Dragon (which might indeed be close). But probably just another legend? Nevertheless, this one (Rouge Louboutin) is awesome, although I admit that I was after the bottle. :mrgreen: It contains 13 ml, so it’s the same as Chanel, but the Louboutin bottle appears more compact and probably has thicker walls.


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