[Dior] Bubble Gum

Back again! I’m currently spending half of the week at my mother’s place. Apart from partially refurbishing and redecorating the house, browsing through my parents’ stuff is kind of an adventure, literally. They travelled the world, especially my father, until old age – no Internet or mobile phones back then. He had always been eager to experience different cultures, and when he heard of a new place, he just got there, organised some local guys by just aking them whether they would like to join him, and off he went to the jungle or wherever, spending a couple of weeks or even months over there, living with those folks. On his last trip, he was 80+. Gladly, he kept all the tapes with him telling about his journeys, and I’ve started listening to them, as well as reading his travel diaries. It’s so much fun, since he had a lively style of telling his stories.

I haven’t, so let’s introduce Bubble Gum, coral with a slight proportion of pink.


Two coats applied (and no top coat).






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