[Zoya] Evvie

Evvie is a dark green shade with a hint of grey, hard to describe … it’s easier regarding its name, reminding me of my little one. That’s why I opted for Evvie.


Although I liked how Evvie looks in her bottle (my daughter didn’t, she said, it’s not a ‘real’ colour 😉 ), she’s even more beautiful on the nails. Zoya nail varnishes apply flawlessly – so I did two coats.







2 thoughts on “[Zoya] Evvie

  1. Aren’t daughters the best?
    I buy every polish with the name Jillian or Jill. Jilly would be the best because that’s what I have always called her. Well, that and Pickie but that’s another story and yes if I found a polish named Pickie I would buy it!
    Evvie looks great on you but most greens do.


    • Again, many thanks. 🙂 Yes – daughters are just awesome! Maybe we should beg Zoya to create a Pickie shade, but only if Jillian would not mind. :mrgreen:


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