[Dior] Front Row

Front Row is one of the latest Dior nail varnishes; it’s a bright pink with a tad of fuchsia, containing a visible shimmer. I picked it mainly because it reminded me of Chanel Tentation and thus I wanted to have a closer look.


Two coats of Front Row. In general, I like it, but to me, it’s more a summer shade, because of the shimmer.




Close-up view.


Here’s a bottle comparison of Front Row and Tentation. Although I haven’t swatched them side by side yet, you may already recognise from the bottles that they are really close. I would probably pick Tentation, I cannot say why, but probable because of its formula, although Front Row dries rather quickly.



2 thoughts on “[Dior] Front Row

  1. Nachdem ich mir Front Row bei P angeschaut hatte, hatte ich auch sofort den Verdacht, daß er wie Tentation aussehen würde. Trotzdem darf er dann nach Ostern zusammen mit Mirage bei mir einziehen.

    Liebe Grüße,


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