[Chanel] Rouge Rubis

Here is Rouge Rubis, belonging to Chanel’s Holiday Collection of this year. Again, thanks to my friend Judi‘s help, I could get my hand on this, so Rouge Rubis made all the way from the States to Northern Germany. This is such an awesome shade. I love reds in general and own lots of them, but Rouge Rubis still managed to surprise me with its slightest (really really just a small tad) hint of blue. Overall, it’s a classic red.

rouge rubis

Two coats. The first picture was taken under artificial light.

rouge rubis


rouge rubis

rouge rubis

rouge rubis

rouge rubis

I will add this to my favourite reds. 🙂 My favourite red is probably Dior Trafalgar (#657 of 2011, not the one released this year, #747, the latter being more on the jelly side, I guess, because I haven’t tried it yet), apart from my favourite one and only red of all time, Chanel Rouge Noir, which I apply at least one a month.

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