[Chanel] Taboo

Taboo. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to present this. When I first heard about Taboo, I was looking forward to it, expecting a complex, maybe duochrome indigo/purple shimmer. In fact, its appearance in the bottle is very different from how it actually looks on the nails. The bottle colour is more a plum shade, with hints of purple and maybe olive.


As said before, the mani looks totally different; it’s a deep purple, probably with a slight proportion of indigo, but also with a great shimmer. Maybe that’s why – at first – I was both surprised and a bit disappointed. But when I tried Taboo for the first time, it was around the end of May, and in my view, this is more an autumn colour. I wore it again last week and started to like it, so that it’s one of my favourite autums shades now.





Close-up view. However, when it comes to my favourite purple varnish, nothing beats Vendetta. 🙂

taboo-a_zpsfb9f0c3a taboo-b_zps86fb8521

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