Dior Golden Winter nail varnishes

Just a kind of preview … I was the first at Dior Alsterhaus, since the sweet Dior lady had just been carrying the packages upstairs. So I saw her opening the parcels, while snacking Polish sweets she had given to me (I’m actually very popular at this particular Dior counter, I guess). 😉

Marilyn (751) is the same shade – and number – as last year, so I didn’t buy this again, but it’s still in the photos because this beautiful red deserved being repromoted.


Quality of these pictures is rather bad; I took them with my phone and in the evening, thus artificial light.


The Jewel Manicure Duo (Duo Manucure Bijou) 001.


Winter – Marilyn – Royale (my favourite, a raspberry shade) – Minuit (seems to be similar to last year’s Diva, but with an eggplant/dark purple base).


I also collected my birthday present from Dior. 🙂 I have no clue what the little white parcel might contain, but it’s such a lovely gesture, and I won’t open the present until my actual birthday on 5 November.


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