[Dior] Rose Virevolte / Rose Swirl

So here’s another one of those vintage Diors, Rose Virevolte. Swatched ages ago. This is a sheer light pink shade with a pearl finish, so it’s not really one of my favourite picks, although it might be nice for layering, if not meant for layering.

rose virevolte

Since this is very sheer, I used three thin coats.

rose virevolte

rose virevolte

This is the next film festival we’ll be visiting, Filmfest Hamburg.

filmfest hamburg

I skipped it last year and I’m not its biggest fan because it’s more a red carpet thing with – some – celebrities, mostly German actors and directors. There is a Thai contribution, 36 (that’s the actual title), and it seems to be a romantic story about memories and so on, and I also got a ticket for a South Korean movie, Moebius, kind of a family revenge drama with (more or less) slight splatter elements.


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