[Dior] Mystic Magnetics #802

Plans have changed regarding Fantasy Filmfest opening act – tonight, I won’t be wearing Fuggen Ugly (I’ll save this for the closing night next Wednesday) but this one, Mystic Magnetics (magnetic nail lacquer & magnet #802, this shade had not been given a name by Dior cosmetics). When I popped in, more or less accidentally – actually, I only wanted to buy the lip balm -, at the Alsterhaus Dior counter, they told me that the Mystics Metallics collection had just arrived, and they had also tried to call me.

So here it is – #802. It’s a blue-grey colour with a metallic finish, also having a magnetic effect (you recognise the magnet on the left).


I remember my first (or, more generally, previous) steps trying magnetic varnishes, but this is the best magnetic shade I have ever tried. It dries quickly (like most of them do), but the Dior magnet is a very strong one, so it won’t take long for the pattern to appear. This is one coat without using the magnet and a second layer with the magnet application.




Macro shot. 🙂



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