[essence] Ben & Cherries

I had been looking for the Me & my ice cream collection by essence for ages, at least in my regular drugstore, and when my nine-year-old daughter came back home after having spent three weeks with the Swiss-based part of her family, she brought one varnish with her: Ben & Cherries. She’d been invited to a wedding two days before her departure, and still had it on her toenails. Ben & Cherries is a pastel pink shade, really really sweet, and with a subtle pearly shimmer.

ben & cherries

In the meantime, I could get my hands on all four varnishes. 🙂

me & my ice cream

Although it looks beautiful both in the bottle and on the nails, it needed three coats. But it was worth the effort. Lots of pictures, though.

ben & cherries

ben & cherries

ben & cherries

ben & cherries

I also like the bottle shape, it’s basically the same as last year when the Fruity collection was released, for instance Mashed Berries. Or the “vintage” nail art twins, e. g. Troy & Gabriella. Ages ago. 😉


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