[Chanel] Cinéma

One of my favourite reds ever, although Cinéma came out only a couple of weeks ago. I love it, it’s stunning.


Two coats showing the actual mani. These fotos are a bit weird, because of my taped index finger. I was opening a can of tangerines and didn’t realise its sharp edges. Moreover, I had put the can on a rather unstable surface… it slipped when I tried to pull the lid, and then it cut my finger. 😮

Under artificial light (and without tape 😉 ).


Natural light.





After Pentecost – which is this Sunday and Monday -, finally it’s Japan Filmfest Hamburg (JFFH). I’m only interested in four of their films but of course I am looking forward to watching them. Sion Sono is one of my favourite directors, and his new film, Himizu, will be shown, so I won’t miss this. 🙂


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