[Chanel] Western Light

Yesterday’s pick was Western Light, since I had a makeup session with Yannick Lemaire, one of chanel’s top makeup artists. It’s been the third time that Yannick worked with me and, as always, it was fun. 🙂 I also seized the occasion to buy two varnishes I was lacking, Starlet and Cinéma. However, when I as waiting in school for my little one and browsing the shopping, I discovered that, instead of Starlet, they had put Accessoire 😯 in my bag, which is a beautiful shade but, of course, I already own it! So, right after school, we went to Alsterhaus again, and I feared that Starlet might have sold out in the meantime. :mrgreen: But the story had a happy ending, Starlet is mine now.

But first comes Western Light. This is a very dark brown with hints of a reddish shimmer. It’s similar to Vertigo (563), but overall a tad darker.

western light

My usual two coats. I chose it for the makeup session because I thought that Yannick would probably recognise it (last year, I had Jade on my nails, the year before, it was Gondola) but, unfortunately, we did not have the time to chat about nail varnishes.

western light

western light

western light

western light

Yes, I did a close up shot, but it’s pretty blurred!

western light


2 thoughts on “[Chanel] Western Light

  1. So pretty! Did you pick up Taboo? Let me know, I’m placing a CHANEL order Friday. I’ll be happy to pick up for you.
    I hadn’t liked any of the Western Light swatches before yours, they are gorgeous!
    — Judi


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