[Dior] Glacier

Icy Holos of 2012 (Asia exclusive); Glacier is the sister varnish of Icy Dew. Glacier is a frosty light blue. Certainly one of my favourites (since I like Chanel Sky Line so much).


Three coats, this is rather sheer.




With Bäri Bäri. We went to the movies yesterday, to watch Take This Waltz. Great drama about relationships.



3 thoughts on “[Dior] Glacier

  1. Oh wow, gorgeous icy blue shade from Dior! Is this exclusive only to Asia? I haven’t seen it in N.America yet. Come stop by my blog and check out my Dior Nail Glow review if you have time 🙂


    • Hi, thank you so much! Yes, this was only available in Asia – it’s a shame, isn’t it? It’s such a pretty shade!


  2. ihn “himmelte” ich bis eben an, aber bei 3 lackschichten steige ich aus…

    LG … nee stopp, hast du den dior 243 geisha pink?
    eine leserin bat um einen vergleich mit dem chanel frisson.

    ich scheuche sie dann zu dir.


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