[Dior] Crystal

I still couldn’t get my hands on the Dior Sparkling Shine Collection (it is not yet available at Alsterhaus, nor Karstadt Mönckebergstraße 😦 ), but here is Crystal from the Dior Snow Frost Bloom Collection, which is Asia-exclusive, having been released recently. I bought them in Singapore and shipping was super fast, only about one week or so. 🙂

snow collection

I’m happy that Snow does not match the current weather conditions any more; today, the sun’s been shining. Crystal has a see-through base and is packed with iridescent flakes, so this shade really reminds of crystals.


Since I wanted to achieve a more opaque look, this is three coats. I don’t know the intention behind Asia exclusive, maybe they look good with Asian skintones ❓ Anyway, I am always eager to find out.




Close-up view.



One thought on “[Dior] Crystal

  1. da sind sie ja!

    herzlichen glückwunsch!

    hab selbst nur den nymphéa geordert und bin sehr gespannt auf ihn.

    den crystal würde ich wahrscheinlich als überlack benutzen.

    carla, nymphéa und darüber crystal… jepp, das sieht sicherlich genial aus.


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