[Ciaté] Dangerous Affair

Dangerous Affair by Ciaté. This is a darker, vampy red. Kind of jelly formula. It’s so pretty, I wore it a couple of times in December and it is certainly one of my favourite Ciaté shades.

dangerous affair

Two coats. Since it is jelly-ish, it’s a bit sheer, but not too visible. Looks very classy, in my view. The actual colour of Dangerous affair is reflected pretty close in the first picture.

dangerous affair

dangerous affair

dangerous affair

dangerous affair

Just a quick shot of my new boots… I love high heels! 🙂 But since it had been snowing heavily at the beginning of the week, I can’t wear them at present…


Snow landscape, argh…



4 thoughts on “[Ciaté] Dangerous Affair

  1. I bet you look adorable in your new boots! It wint be long and you will be able to wear them for a while anyway, the it will be too hot! Argghh,
    – Judi


    • Thank you Judi! Can’t wait to wear them… but I guess it will get pretty icy these days outside, although the sun is shining right now. I mean, it is mid-March and I just want spring to arrive. 😉


  2. Wow that is a real sexy red tone!!!
    Me too I love heels (probably because mother nature wasn’t that generous with me) but I’m not good at walking with them… I should try and take looooong walks 😦
    Have a great weekend


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