[essence] Hello Marshmallow!

Hello Marshmallow is a sweet lilac shade, also containing bits of sparkles.

hello marshmallow

Shown below is two coats.

hello marshmallow

hello marshmallow

hello marshmallow

Close up view.

hello marshmallow

When I first saw Hellow Marshmallow in my drugstore, I thought it was close to the discontinued Ballerina’s Charm (on the left). But the latter is a tad darker. Nevertheless, both shades are very pretty.

ballerina's charm & hello marshmallow


One thought on “[essence] Hello Marshmallow!

  1. Dear caramelfrappe,

    First, congratulations on your Ph.D.!!! This is fabulous news for us, your readers, as well, since you will surely be devoting even more time to showing us your bottles, paints and nails…

    And many thanks, smarty, for this comparison note between the two Essence C&G shades. I have Ballerina’s Charm and love it. The new C&Gs have not made it Stateside yet, and I’ve been wondering meanwhile how Hello Marshmallow compares. So you’ve saved me a bit of brainpower with this helpful post.


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