[Dior] Black Ink (Encre de Chine)

I’m still alive… have been quite busy over the past few days, and I’ve also been awarded my PhD. Pass forthwith. 🙂 The email notification had been in my mailbox for one day; I rarely check my university mails… I’m so happy that I will never have to deal with university again (at least, as a student) and this afternoon I got rid of all of my study things, such as literature etc. Feels so good! 😉

As for my nails, here is Black Ink (or, Encre de Chine), a very dark, almost blackened blue with a visible shimmer. Just right for me, dark blue is generally a beautiful shade to wear on my nails.

black ink

Two coats of this.

black ink

black ink

black ink

I couldn’t manage doing a macro shot of this (guess some of you will miss the close up view…) 😦


6 thoughts on “[Dior] Black Ink (Encre de Chine)

    • Hell, no! 😉 No academic titles on this blog… maybe I should have done my PhD on nail polishes, similarity of shades and so on. :mrgreen: Thank you Judi, completing my PhD had become a pain in the end, since I was just fed up with all that stuff. Thus, the first thing I did after the good news was getting rid of all my notes, textbooks etc. :mrgreen:


    • elena. mach mal.

      carla hat mich schon arg mit dem lack angefixt, aber vll bist du ja dann der “letzte tropfen” und ich schnapp mir auch eine schwarze tinte.


    • oh, gerne geschehen. ich habe ihn damals auch bei dir gesehen, und er ist ja wirklich wunderschön. obwohl ich ihn erst kürzlich drauf hatte, glaube ich, er schafft es bald schon wieder auf meine nägel.


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