[Essence] Confetteria

With carnival approaching (it’s next week, I guess), here is Confetteria. This is a blue jelly base loaded with glitter particles of various sizes and shapes. Perfect for this season! However, it came out last year around carnival and thus it’s no longer available… I grabbed it from a little basket at a local drugstore sometime during the summer and was happy to find it. 🙂


Two coats; this has a slight gritty finish, and since this is my actual many, it is topped with two coats of Good to Go (Essie).





Close-up view.



2 thoughts on “[Essence] Confetteria

  1. Blue really suits you.
    When is madri GRAS? As a good Catholic I should know this but I dont. Ha! Maybe I’m not such a good Catholic. Oh well,
    — Judi


    • Thank you Judi. Blue and glitter – that’s just perfect! I guess Mardi gras has started yesterday, but we live in the North of Germany, and it’s not very popular here, but of course in the catholic regions. I have no idea whether they will dress up in school on Monday, but my little one (she’s not that little anymore but nevertheless…) has got a purple cow’s costume. 😉


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