[OPI] The Impossible

I was so eager to try this liquid sand finish innovation and moreover, I liked The Impossible the moment I saw it, pink and silver matte glitter particles in various sizes and those cute little star-shaped glitter bits (although I had a hard time fishing for them)! All in a pink base, which contains a hint of red. This shade is part of the Mariah Carey Collection, and there are three more liquid sand varnishes.


Two coats and no top coat (since there’s no top coat recommended); the finish wasn’t as gritty as I thought. Such a pretty shade. I admit that I had to get the rest of the collection, too, except for Anti-Bleak (that’s what I’m saying now…), which seems to be close to Casino Royale.






The macro shot you’ve been waiting for. 😉 Interesting finish, something different…



3 thoughts on “[OPI] The Impossible

  1. I totally agree with you, Anti Bleak is too much like Casino Royale, which I just bought from the Skyfall collection. I love this finish. Thanks for showing the macro!
    — Judi


  2. I love all 4 of my liquid sands (could not resist…) but I think this shade is the loveliest.
    Shame that the cloudy weather does not let me enjoy it.


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