[Dior] Rosy Bow

So here’s the first varnish of Dior’s Spring Collection (Chérie Bow), Rosy Bow. It’s kind of a girly collection, lots of pink and pastel shades, I guess. I need to go to the Alsterhaus department store again, since the display had not been set up when I went there yesterday, just buying the polishes. Rosy Bow is a romantic pink, it’s made for princesses. 😉

rosy bow

Two coats, daylight.

rosy bow

Under artificial light.

rosy bow

rosy bow

And different artificial light.

rosy bowrosy bow

Since this is my actual mani – and not only a swatch -, here’s my complete look. I really love having Rosy Bow on my nails. It’s a tad lighter than Chanel May (which I realise I have not yet posted). Never thought that magenta eyeshadow would look nice on me… but it does. 🙂

rosy bow


2 thoughts on “[Dior] Rosy Bow

  1. Love the whole look! I was curious how it compared to May and then you addressed it! May is probably my favorite CHANEL polish, I love it. This one looks so pretty, I’m afraid my list is getting longer!


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