[Dior] Saphir Rose / Pink Sapphire

Haha, I just realised that these photos were taken in April last year, so this is not really a shade matching the current season (and it has been snowing last night, however, now there are only single flakes left falling from the sky, but it has become really really cold again), and, in addition, it’s been discontinued for ages. So, I don’t know when Saphir Rose/Pink Sapphire was released but I bought it from eBay last year. It’s a pink shade with a small proportion of orange, and also containing a visible glitter effect, due to flakies and small glitter particles.

saphir rose

Natural light, so different! Shown below is two coats.

saphir rose

saphir rose

saphir rose

Close up view.

saphir rose

Under artificial light; this is how it would look like these (dark) days.

saphir rose

saphir rose


One thought on “[Dior] Saphir Rose / Pink Sapphire

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