[essence] Life Is a Freeride

Here’s Life Is a Freeride, the second polish I bought from the somewhat mysterious (since I had never heard of it before) Snow Jam Collection. It is a deeper petrol shade than in the pictures; the bottle picture is quite close to its actual colour.


Two coats. The shimmer is visible on the nails too.




Close up view. I like Life Is a Freeride very much, however, if you do not use a base coat (like I did – because I only swatched it), it will stain your nails. But the colour is pretty bright, as well as beautiful, so it’s definitely worth buying it if you are into greens and petrols. As for the availability of the Snow Jam Collection, I have no clue, since I discovered it more or less by accident…



2 thoughts on “[essence] Life Is a Freeride

  1. Thank you Judi. I like the entire collection (it’s a shame that they are hard to find in the U.S.), consisting of four polishes… there’s also a magenta one with a slight shimmer, as well as a white-ish one, which reminds me of Dior Glacier.


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