[essence] Goofy-Blue

Lately, it’s been raining pretty often, and thus I thought I could spend my afternoons preparing some more swatches. Since me collection of Essence varnishes has grown over the past few weeks, I’ll start with Goofy-Blue, which is part of the Snow Jam Collection. I didn’t even know that this collection existed, until I saw it in the drugstore yesterday. 😉 (I got Life Is a Freeride, too, a petrol shimmer polish.) Goofy-Blue is a muted periwinkle blue, loaded with glassflecks. Just the kind of light blue shade I like.

goofy blue

Formula is the same as the regular Colour & Go range by Essence, so this one’s fast-drying too, easy to apply and it builds up opaqueness quickly. Shown below is two coats, BUT with (winter-)dry cuticles… and under artificial light, although one might not really notice the latter…





Here’s the close up view. It’s similar to Oh My Glitter, only a different colour of course. 😉



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