[OPI] Koala Bear-y

This one is kind of dedicated to Bäri Bäri, my… flatmate?! Although he’s a different type of bear, an Ikea one. :mrgreen:


I love the name of Koala Bear-y as well as the shade itself, a bright fuchsia, which lightens up dark, cold and (currently) wet winter days. It’s been raining for ages yesterday and I wish it was summer again or, at least, spring.


Two coats. It’s a wonderful shade, this Koala Bear-y.




And this is the cutest little bear-y ever. 😉



One thought on “[OPI] Koala Bear-y

  1. What a gorgeouse bear and color! I am def getting this one. While organizing my polish, as I often do,mi realized my OPI polishes are all on the rather dark side of the color spectrum. The brightest one I have is Margaritaville. I need this one, if nay to brighten up the OPI row on my shelf. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you had a great holiday and a new year of happiness.
    Your friend, Judi


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