[Chanel] Matador

Although greens are my favourite nail varnish shades, I love wearing red – especially when Christmas is approaching. This is one of the oldest swatches I found in my drafts (I took the photos in April 😯 ), Chanel Matador, a darker red with a slight shimmer. When I showed the eBay auction to my husband, there was no need to convince him; he just wanted to win this varnish!


Two coats. As I mentioned, these swatches are very old, but I was in the mood for posting a red shade today. 🙂 (Moreover, I haven’t shown a Chanel for ages…)






One thought on “[Chanel] Matador

  1. carla, wir mögen nicht nur die selben lackfarben (zb grün)…

    nööö, wir lieben sogar den gleichen männertypen ;-D

    bei matador hätte ich mit meinem auch nicht diskutieren brauchen… 😉

    ps: ich werde hier bei dir von weißen punkten angriffen………… lol


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