[Dior] Amazonia

Amazonia is a khaki green shade… not really my favourite colour (although normally, I love greens, but they have to be bright or special in any other way). So this wasn’t really love at first sight but nevertheless, Amazonia is a great colour, since I love combining it with a bright lipstick, e.g. a signature red. 🙂


Two coats. It’s a dream to apply and it dries quickly.




Here’s a close up view.



3 thoughts on “[Dior] Amazonia

  1. This is pretty, I actually bought this but wheni gotIt home I had a couple that were so close, an Essie and a Zoya. My friend in London couldn’t find so I sent this to her.
    Do you have CHANEL Infidele? I just got it yesterday along with Skyline. Skyline is almost too pretty use!
    — Judi


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