[China Glaze] Water You Waiting For

The second polish I got from their current Cirque du Soleil release. Water You Waiting For is packed with blue and turquoise glitter… on the nails, it’s as beautiful as in the bottle. I just love this.

water you waiting for

Swatches show two coats without top coat.

water you waiting for

water you waiting for

water you waiting forwater you waiting for

Close up view.

water you waiting for


3 thoughts on “[China Glaze] Water You Waiting For

  1. You know I love this! I haven’t tried mine yet, but soon!
    Great pics, as always.
    I’m going to have to stop reading your blog, I ordered 2 more CHANEL polishes! I can’t help myself!
    — Judi


    • Thank you Judi! I’m sure you will love it, you should try it, it’s gorgeous. China Glaze is my favourite salon brand; they have great ideas.
      So looking forward to discovering Water You Waiting For on your blog, as well as those two Chanels… which shades did you get, probably Malice? 😉


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