[China Glaze] Water You Waiting For

The second polish I got from their current Cirque du Soleil release. Water You Waiting For is packed with blue and turquoise glitter… on the nails, it’s as beautiful as in the bottle. I just love this.


Swatches show two coats without top coat.




Close up view.



3 thoughts on “[China Glaze] Water You Waiting For

  1. You know I love this! I haven’t tried mine yet, but soon!
    Great pics, as always.
    I’m going to have to stop reading your blog, I ordered 2 more CHANEL polishes! I can’t help myself!
    — Judi


    • Thank you Judi! I’m sure you will love it, you should try it, it’s gorgeous. China Glaze is my favourite salon brand; they have great ideas.
      So looking forward to discovering Water You Waiting For on your blog, as well as those two Chanels… which shades did you get, probably Malice? 😉


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