[Chanel] Malice

Malice is this year’s holiday varnish by Chanel. In Germany, it’s only available at Breuninger (Stuttgart) and KaDeWe (Berlin) department stores. Luckily, my friend RoteNina surprised me with this by getting it directly from Breuninger right after they had received the Christmas collection. 🙂 Thank you again!


The shade is definitely Christmas-themed, being a dark red/burgundy red with a visible shimmer.




Daylight photos. I’m sorry but I could not manage doing a makro shot of Malice’s shimmer, since lightning was so bad… 😦

malice4 malice5


3 thoughts on “[Chanel] Malice

  1. Thank you for the Beautifl is of Malice. I think it is stunning. I wanted you to know I did use one of your photos of OPI Germanicure as I think it’s very similar to Malice. I posted in my blog that it was your picture and I put a link to your blog.
    What do you think about Germanicure and Malice being similar? I don’t own Germanicure so I may be off the mark here and I would like to know what you think. Thanks so much and thanks again for being so generous with your pics. It really helps me out when the ony camera I have is the one in my iPad!


    • Hi Judi – Casino Royale has just arrived all the way from the States. 🙂 Hope it will look good on my nails, since it is awesome in the bottle.


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