[Dior] Icy Dew

Icy Dew was my pick for today. It’s part of the Icy Holo collection by Dior, which was released earlier this year (I’ve got the sister varnish, Glacier, as well), but Asia-exclusive, so I ordered this from Singapur. 🙂 Although it is not a real holographic polish, it reminds of ice crystals, because of its small glitter particles. It also has a slight pink shimmer.

Haha, it’s me being reflected in the lid! :mrgreen: I have no idea which polish I was wearing when taking the photo…

icy dew

Again, I took photos of this later in the evening. It is getting dark really early these days, it seems.

icy dew

icy dew

icy dew

Here’s the close up view. So pretty!

icy dew

Daylight pictures – however, the weather wasn’t that nice today. It has really been cooling down and thus matching the Icy Holo theme…

icy dew

icy dew

2 thoughts on “[Dior] Icy Dew

    • er glitzert ein wenig mehr, glaube ich. aber da ich einige schichten benötigte, wirst du dich mit dem icy dew vermutlich nicht sooo schnell anfreunden. intermezzo habe ich zwar, aber noch nie getragen oder geswatcht; ich glaube, der deckt besser. 🙄


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