[Chanel] Sky Line

Yes, it’s Chanel again… Finally, my Sky Line arrived from Canada, shipping had taken slightly more than one month due to custom issues, but I’m glad that it’s here now since it was so hard to get. Meant as a present by my husband (who instantly fell in love with Sky Line’s light blue metallic shade, but it also contains a hint of lilac, in my view), this really is something special.

sky line

In the bottle.

sky line

Three coats and my actual mani. So happy that I could get my hands on this varnish. 🙂

sky line

sky line

sky line

Close up view.

sky line

Nevertheless, Bäri had fun going to the customs office, which is near the water. :mrgreen: The building in the background is Hamburg’s Internationales Maritimes Museum.



3 thoughts on “[Chanel] Sky Line

  1. danke!
    und inzwischen habe ich sogar ein backup…
    morgen müssen wir jedenfalls schon wieder zum zoll, wegen des dior icy dew. 😮


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