[China Glaze] Ahoy

Ahoy came out last year, being part of the Anchors Away collection by China Glaze. It’s a raspberry shade, containing flakies and glitter.


Today was very hot day, and I took these photos on our balcony. 🙂





6 thoughts on “[China Glaze] Ahoy

  1. It’s so fresh and summery!!! 😀
    I love this type of colour… well I try to cut pink and fuchsia nail polishes off. Atm I’m buying other shades but it’s so hard!


    • Hi valens, It was the perfect swatch for yesterdays’s heatwave. 😉 Do try pink and fuchsia, I’m sure they will look great on you. 🙂


      • I use them a lot and I think they are so cute, but I’ve promised (because of my sister) to stop buying pinks.. I have a couple of new shades on my left hand right now … I can’t wait to show you ^o^
        Have an amazing day!!!


  2. I have it on my toe nails almost constantly, and I feel as if the camera can never really grasp its true color! Also in your pictures, it looks “pinkier” and less glittery than it really is, don’t you think?


    • Hi Mandy, thanks for your comment – I should try it on my toe nails as well as you are right, it’s actually glittery. I guess it’s because of the bright sunlight we had on the balcony yesterday, and because it was a very hot day I did not want to move to another spot outside to try a different angle… and also forgot to do a macro shot. 😉


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