[Essence] I’m Bluetiful

Seems that I’ve been pretty much into Essence lately, particularly as regards their newly designed bottles. Here comes another varnish from their current Colour & Go range, I’m Bluetiful.


Its cornflower/periwinkle blue shade is actually hard to capture and thus the photos are not really colour-authentic… actually, I’m Bluetiful contains a slight tad of lilac, that is, it’s less blue than shown in the photos. Two coats, no top coat.





This one needs a close up, for its glass flecks and blue glitter particles.



6 thoughts on “[Essence] I’m Bluetiful

  1. I like this line as well. I like the little bottles. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing your swatches, you do a great job!
    Xox- Judi


    • Klar, gar kein Thema. 🙂 Live kommt er nicht ganz so blau rüber… der Glitzer ist natürlich Gewöhnungssache. Mir gefiel der Dior auch besser… 🙄


    • Aber keine neue Baustelle, oder? Die kleinen Fläschchen verführen ja schon aufgrund des Preises viel zu schnell zum Kauf… argh! Ich falle auch immer wieder darauf rein. 😉


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