[Chanel] Cocktail

I’m still in Durham and have passed my viva today, thus I completed my PhD! Usually I don’t talk so much about personal things, but I feel so relieved. 🙂 Overall, I enjoyed the viva although I was really scared when I first learnt about the date. But I had very nice examiners, and discussions were really constructive.

Since I have 91 (yes: ninety-one) posts prepared and right now the opportunity to use my friend’s MacBook, here is Chanel Cocktail. C.M from ChaHeVu asked me about this ages ago. Cocktail is definitely sheer but has a very nice pink and blue-ish shimmer, which is also a bit frosty.


Shown below is five ❗ coats, I wanted it to be a bit more opaque.





6 thoughts on “[Chanel] Cocktail

  1. carla, na dann passt der cocktail zum heutigen tag perfekt!


    … man ich hatte schon krämpfe in den daumen (vom dauerhaften drücken)

    herzlichen glückwunsch!


  2. Klar, der Graduation Bear muss her (reimt sich!). ALLE ERDENKLICHEN GLÜCKWÜNSCHE DER WELT ZU DEINER PROMOTION, mein Schatz!


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