[Essie] Blue Rhapsody

I discovered the Mirror Metallics collection at one of my favourite Budni drugstores (a regional drugstore chain) and believe they sold out very quickly. However, it took me some consideration to reach a decision… All of these have a metallic finish, and I had heard quite a lot about Penny Talk (the copper varnish) but did not like its shade at all (sorry! 🙄 ), because of … my skin tone, my skin tone! 😉

Anyway, I came back a couple of days later to find only my favourites of this collection left (which made it easy to decide :mrgreen: ), Nothing Else Metals and Blue Rhapsody, and I took those home. Here’s Blue Rhapsody, a light blue metallic with a hint of grey.

blue rhapsody

These apply easily and moreover, they dry quickly. However, you notice every brush stroke. (I do like the new, broader brush, as well as the Essie retail collection.)

blue rhapsody

blue rhapsody

blue rhapsody

blue rhapsody


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