[Chanel] Tentation

Bought this yesterday at my favourite department store, Alsterhaus, along with the other three varnishes from the “Roses Ultimes de Chanel” collection. I liked Tentation at once; it’s a bright fuchsia with a visible magenta shimmer, at least in the bottle.



Great coverage after just one coat, however, photos were taken with two coats. I was so excited to try this (and have also been busy regarding Easter stuff), so I forgot the clean up… application thus looks a bit messy on the nail!




Sunlight – we had a few sunny moments this morning, but overall the sky is cloudy and grey.


With Streptococcus. :mrgreen:


Now an interesting bit; upon application, a thought came to my mind… that Tentation might resemble Tibet, a vintage Dior polish. However, Tibet is overall a tad lighter, with its shimmer being more blue-ish.

tentation and tibet

tentation and tibet

So they are no dupes at all. But Tibet, on the other hand, is rather close (or even sooo close) to Essence Ultimate Pink. 🙂


4 thoughts on “[Chanel] Tentation

  1. Wunderschöne Farbe. Wenn ich nicht schon eine ähnliche hätte (‘Anaka’ von Zoya), dann hätte ich mir auch diese reservieren lassen. So ist es nur ‘Distraction’ geworden. 🙂

    LG Petra


  2. da ich wußte, dass du ihn heute testen wolltest habe ich mich für den ‘attraction’ entschieden.

    ich gestehe, deine wahl gefällt mir aber besser. 😉

    grüße an streptococcus, der kleinen süßen und dr. jolsimausi. schöne ostertage.


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