[essence] Ultimate Pink

It’s a pink! With a slight blue-ish shimmer (which reminds me of essence’s Time For Reflection topper)… this looks just great. Annete, another Chanel collector and Flaschenkind 😉 gave this to me as a present, when I acquired three of her vintage Dior polishes. Thanks again! 🙂


I really like essence’s “color & go” range. Bottles are small (only 5 ml), they’ve got an amazing choice of colours, and the varnishes are easy to apply, most of them are opaque after just one coat. What is more, they dry quickly and are usually made to last. So, Ultimate Pink was anything but disappointing. Love it. Such a happy shade!




Ultimate Pink seems to be pretty close to Dior Tibet (haven’t swatched this yet, but I will do a comparison).


One thought on “[essence] Ultimate Pink

  1. Thank you! How i love that blue-ish shimmer!!!:) Unfortunately, this Ultimate pink with shimmer discontinued… 😦 Woud you know dupe from OPI, China Glaze or Orly?


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