The Versatile Blogger Award

Happy me, I received my third award – Valens was kind enough thinking of me; please check out her blog Valens… per voi, she definitely is a versatile blogger! 🙂


There are some rules, you have to:

– thank who sends you the award and add a link to her/his blog;
– write 7 random things about you;
– give the award to other 15 bloggers you love and tell them.

I already posted seven facts about me in connection with the Award 7, but here’s some more – quite random – stuff:

1. My birthday is on 5 November.
2. About 1.5 years ago, I accidentally cut the frenulum of my upper lip. Such a small wound but so heavy bleeding!
3. I moved house for about 18 times, that’s quite a lot!
4. I have lived in three countries so far, that is Britain, France and Germany (and I was born in Thailand).
5. I’m currently reading “The Unconsoled” by Kazuo Ishiguro, I like Japanese literature a lot.
6. Last Sunday, I baked Chocolate Cake Balls. They are so yummy!
cake balls
7. I miss my long hair. While I went to school and during the first years of study, my hair had thigh-length. I so regret having had it cut. Currently, it’s waist-length (I know, that’s still pretty long) and I hope it will grow again!

Giving awards to me means kind of a one-way street since I’m not good at tagging others (or just love to grab awards without handing them over :mrgreen:). Thus, again, anyone who loves to have this, feel free to participate!


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