[Dior] Waterlily

In my view, the jade green and shimmery Waterlily by Dior represents this year’s most beautiful polish! It’s just stunning (and I love any green shades on my nails) and a scented polish too, it smells like roses.


Waterlily matches our folders. :mrgreen:


Actually, I had gone into town to get another birthday present for my little one, and on my way back home passed by the Dior counter. When I saw my favourite Dior lady, I asked her about the new varnishes; she was so sweet and showed everything to me, because she knew that I’d pop in sometime. I had fallen in love with Waterlily the first time I saw its promotion – the Dior lady, too, she mentioned that she’d been working for Dior and gets still surprised by their new ideas and innovations.

Two coats. The rose scent is nice, not too artificial (in my opinion), but it gets softened when using a top coat.






4 thoughts on “[Dior] Waterlily

  1. Wundervoll! hach…genial..traumhaft!
    Liebes! Der ist einfach WUNDERSCHÖN!
    Ich hoffe dass ich den bald lackieren kann….
    Liebste grüße & einen schönen Abend!


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