[Dior] Rose Cerisier (Cherry Blossom)

Another one of those shades that make me feel ten years older, because of the pearl finish… Rose Cerisier aka Cherry Blossom is actually darker than cherry blossoms and more a muted rosewood pink.

rose cerisier

It looks nice in the bottle but horrible on my nails (moreover, I don’t like my nails being too short).

rose cerisier

With flash.

rose cerisier

Gosh, seemed that I ate too much of those Weetabix chocolate balls we made yesterday to give away for Christmas… I feel slightly sick and have a headache. 😦 However, they were yummy.


4 thoughts on “[Dior] Rose Cerisier (Cherry Blossom)

  1. gute besserung auch deinen nägeln, obwohl ich sie gar nicht so kurz finde. 😉

    ps; der lack hat für mich eine klassische dior farbe. mein erster lippenstift war von dior und exakt in dieser farbe.


  2. > It looks nice in the bottle but horrible on my nails

    # Stimme nur teilweise zu. Ich finde, dass er auch in der Flasche nicht gut aussieht. Liegt also nicht an Deinen Nägeln.


  3. You’re right, this nail polish is so cute in the bottle but looks so strange in the other pictures!
    I understand you, I’m sad when I have to cut my nails very short!
    Get well soon, Carla!!!! 🙂
    I send you a big kiss


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