[Essie] Burma Ruby

I’m back from Durham and we had a wonderful time! 🙂

Sadly this has been discontinued for quite a while. Burma Ruby is a wine red shade with gold shimmer and thus rather christmassy.

burma ruby

These are older pictures, again taken sometime in the summer. But my nails are currently nearly as short as in the photos, but squared. I broke two nails when handling the suitcase and thus decided to cut the rest of them too.

burma ruby

burma ruby


One thought on “[Essie] Burma Ruby

  1. Schön,dass du wieder da bist!
    Und was sehe ich da…. 😮
    deine Nägel sind kürzer geworden 😮
    Die Farbe sieht sehr interessant aus 😉
    Liebe grüße & einen schönen Abend noch 🙂


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