[Chanel] Spirale

My current mani; I’ve got two appointments on Friday and won’t have time to do my nails tomorrow or so; these meetings are quite different from each other… I think Spirale is a good choice, being wine red with a slight golden shimmer.


Three thin coats.





I’m currently having some trouble at university, that’s why I am a bit distressed. Nothing that couldn’t be resolved over the next few days; moreover, I am going to be in Durham from 20 to 23 November and hope to meet lots of my friends over there! 🙂

On our way to ballet today, I saw someone with a bubble tea and discovered that there is a new bubble tea bar near Hamburg University (which is not that far from our place… only three bus stops). I’m actually into Chai Latte but love ‘boba’ too, and it’s been ages since I had one, so I will have to try it! Caramel Milk Tea with Rainbow Pearls (gosh, seems that I’m Asian through and through, the nature versus nurture thing) and extra sweet of course, yummy!

5 thoughts on “[Chanel] Spirale

  1. Danke! Ich dachte erst, dass mir die Farbe nicht steht (warum eigentlich?), aber auf den Nägeln ist sie so was von genial. Das Deckblatt meiner Dissertation hat übrigens eine ähnliche Farbe, musste gleich an den Lack denken und Farben vergleichen, als ich zu Hause war. :mrgreen:


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