[Dior] Nuit d’étoiles/Sparkling Blueberry

This is one of my favourite Dior polishes, sadly a discontinued one, as you’ll notice from the old bottle. Sparkling Blueberry, or, Nuit d’étoiles, is simply stunning with its silver glitter in a blueberry jelly base.

nuit d'étoiles

The glitter is quite dense.

nuit d'étoiles

Two coats, a starry night on the nails. Moreover, it dries quickly and is easy to apply.

nuit d'étoiles

nuit d'étoiles

Unfortunately, it seems to be very hard to find. 😦


3 thoughts on “[Dior] Nuit d’étoiles/Sparkling Blueberry

  1. OH my Nagellack! Ist der mega geil! Wunderschöne Farbe!
    *haben will*
    Wirklich das ist eine “Nacht mit Sternen”
    Voll schön!
    Liebste grüße & einen wunderschönen Tag noch ❤


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